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Join us as a mentor!

At InnovXplorers, we help students in all dimensions! Volunteer as a mentor to help students and host exciting events!



Every mentor who hosts events will get a webpage hosted by us with their profile and events.


Mentors will be featured on our social media handles, and we'll have occasion IG takeovers!

Volunteer Hours

Every mentor will be awarded volunteer hours. Active mentors will get LOR.


We host special team building and bonding events often to keep our mentor community engaged and motivated!

About mentoring and events

Mentors could help students or organizations to launch/scale their organizations! Also, mentors could host live events with our students! 

Note: Hosting events isn't compulsory for all mentors


1-to-1 Start-up Mentoring

Startup mentors will be matched with organisations or individuals who seek personal mentoring to scale their organisations. During these sessions, the mentors will help and advise the mentees.  


Starter Events

Starter Events are focused on helping students get started in a specific field. These events provide an introduction to a topic ranging from 3D designing to coding. Also, speakers should provide students with resources to explore more about the topic.



Bootcamps are long series of classes that teach students specific technical skill ranging from Adobe Illustrator to Python. Bootcamps are generally conducted during summer or winter breaks.

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