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A Platform to Develop 21st Century Skills!

We train students to be next-gen leaders and entrepreneurs by inculcating GenZ skills such as Critical Thinking, Team Dynamics & Emotional Intelligence for FREE!

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Over 90% of the jobs are being replaced by AI and robots!

Do you know that a robot can't replace a leader? 
At InnovXplorers, we equip you with skills that can't be replaced by AI!

Schools have taught you that mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell. Have they taught you how to get things done by others?

Nope? Learn from InnovXplorers then!

Finding it hard to work in teams?
  • We teach you how to criticize, handle arguments, get things done by others and much more! 

  • This training will help students perform better when they work in teams.

Apart from technical skills, students need to acquire leadership skills, and we're here!

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Unique, self-paced & engaging courses

This is how the course slide looks for the Leadership Skills Course.

Get Leadership Opportunities

In InnovXplorers, we've got one of the best protocols to evaluate student's leadership skills. We match students with our partner organizations to help them apply what they have learnt.

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We help Organizations grow!

Make a larger impact with support from InnovXplorers. We provide HR support, training and mentorship for student-run non-profits. 

Know more

Online Community to Connect and Learn

We've built a community of teens with different skills, seek help when you need it. Also, we help students turn their ideas into reality with 1-to-1 mentorship!

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Our Training Curriculum is proven to be effective and beneficial by entrepreneurs and leaders

We believe "Education isn't a monetisable business", so we're a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all our resources are FREE.

What Experts Say About Us

“How InnovXplorers is trying to help young people is truly inspiring. They dig deep and teach you concepts from psychology, leadership, and even entrepreneurship.”


Juan David Campolargo

Author of Generation Optimism and TEDx Speaker

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