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About Us


Why we started? 

In 2020, I received a cold message from Tarun, an HS junior in the US. Since I was the secretary for my school astronomy club, he sought my guidance to start an online community for students interested in astronomy.


I referred him to my friend Aswin, who was our club president. Soon they collaborated and started an Instagram page.


After a month, I asked Aswin about the progress, and he mentioned that they didn't collaborate further. He told me that Tarun was posting posts with a very long description, and no one would ever read such long paras on Instagram. When I asked him why he didn't suggest Tarun use short bulletin points, he replied that criticizing him may discourage and he didn't want to affect Tarun's feelings.


If he knew how to criticize, today there would be another community spreading the love for the cosmos!


That's when InnovXplorers was born, where we teach strategies to handle such situations FREE of cost and help students start their entrepreneurial journey. 

- Shakthi Palraj (Founder)

Our Mission

At InnovXplorers, we're committed to making 21st-century skills accessible!

Our Core Values: 

  • Integrity 

  • Innovation

  • Compassion

InnovXplorers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed towards training students to become better leaders and entrepreneurs by inculcating Decision Making, Leadership, and problem-solving skills besides Emotional Intelligence. We open a world of opportunities for our users by effectively assessing their skills.

Our curriculum is built for GenZ by integrating Human Psychology.

Our innovative curriculum and services make us stand out. We constantly update and introduce various features to benefit our beloved users.

We not only deliver online course materials, we even reach out to underprivileged students and teach them these skills offline. Consider donating now to help these kids learn and explore!

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